False Claims Act Whistleblower Rewards

False Claims Act Whistleblower Rewards of up to 30% of recovery

Under the federal False Claims Act, as well as many state qui tam laws, a whistleblower is entitled to a reward of up to 25% of what the government recovers, if the government joins the qui tam case.  If the government declines to join the qui tam lawsuit and the whistleblower proceeds against the defendant anyway, the whistleblower is entitled to a reward of 25% to 30% of the recovery.

Rewards for federal False Claims Act whistleblowers are usually quite substantial. The government’s damages can be set at as high as three times the amount of each instance of the proven fraud. Furthermore, the statutory penalty for submitting a false claim is $10,000 for each false claim. For Fiscal Year 2011, the federal government collected $3.03 billion in False Claims Act recoveries, the third-largest recovery on record. That same year, False Claims Act whistleblowers earned more than $532 million in share awards, the highest yearly recovery to date.

The actual whistleblower reward depends on many factors, including the quality and detail of the work done on the case by the whistleblower’s attorney.  According to TAF, to qualify for a False Claims Act reward, the whistleblower’s evidence of the fraud cannot come from a publicly disclosed source such as the media, records of a court hearing or  administrative hearing, Congressional hearing, a government report, or Freedom of Information Act request.  The whistleblower must also be “first-to-file,” meaning that if someone else has already filed a whistleblower claim alleging the same fraud, your case will be dismissed.  However, if you contribute unique information, you may be able to distinguish yourself in some cases.

Legal Help for False Claims Act Whistleblowers

The False Claims Act whistleblower lawyers at Gilman Law LLP have assisted honest citizens in multiple industries file qui tam lawsuits against contractors and others who have defrauded the federal government.  If you are thinking of becoming a qui tam whistleblower, our experienced whistleblower attorneys will make sure your claim is properly filed, so that you receive all of the protections afforded by the whistleblower provisions of the False Claims Act, as well as the maximum whistleblower reward possible.  For a free and confidential evaluation of your possible False Claims qui tam case, please fill out our online form or call Toll Free at 1-888-252-0048.

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