Do I Need a Whistleblower Lawyer?

Why You Need a Whistleblower Lawyer

Whistleblowers can receive significant financial rewards for exposing fraud against the government.  However, federal and state whistleblower statutes are extremely complex and are difficult to navigate for someone without intimate knowledge of whistleblower law.  One misstep and all of your rights as a whistleblower, including protection from retaliation and your right to collect a whistleblower reward, can evaporate forever.

While the federal False Claims Act does not specifically require whistleblowers to retain a lawyer, it’s in your best interest to seek out the services of an expert whistleblower attorney before you even begin the process of filing a claim.  The whistleblower protection lawyers at Gilman Law LLP can answer any questions you have regarding both federal and state False Claims Act, and other whistleblower statutes.   They can help you evaluate the strength of any case you are considering, and help you understand and weigh the considerations, including the potential risks and rewards, involved in becoming a whistleblower.

An experienced whistleblower lawyer should be able to navigate the entire process for you.  Your attorney should possess a deep understanding of the law so he or she is able to represent your best interests when dealing with state and federal agencies, their attorneys, the courts, the wrongdoer, and opposing counsel. At Gilman Law LLP, our whistleblower protection attorneys have extensive experience working to ensure whistleblowers’ rights are protected, and their rewards maximized.   Should you choose to retain our whistleblower lawyers, you can expect that they will work diligently to:

  • Identify all documents, witnesses, and other critical evidence.
  • Implement a proactive plan to help protect you from retaliation.
  • Retain fraud investigation experts and forensic accountants to testify on your behalf.
  • Independently research all publically available data sources to place your original information in better context.
  • Draft and file your official whistleblower complaint and ensure that you comply with all applicable filing rules and deadlines.
  • Maintain contact with all applicable government entities, including the U.S. Justice Department, to ensure your rights and interests are protected each step of the way.

If you are considering filing a whistleblower claim, you have nothing to lose by first contacting the whistleblower protection lawyers at Gilman Law LLP for a full evaluation of your case.  All of our firm’s whistleblower lawsuit evaluations are free, confidential, and will not place you under any future obligation.

Legal Help for Whistleblowers

The whistleblower protection lawyers at Gilman Law LLP have assisted honest citizens in multiple industries uncover significant fraud at both the state and federal level.  If you are thinking of becoming a whistleblower, our experienced whistleblower attorneys will make sure you receive all of the protections state and federal law affords you, and will do everything legally possible to ensure you recover the maximum whistleblower reward possible.  For a free and confidential evaluation of your possible whistleblower case, please fill out our online form on the left or call Toll Free at 1-888-252-0048.

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